Stop And Breath

Hello, how are you?

Today was a quite down day for me. But I’ve been doing these things and they have helped me. So I decided to share them!

So if I have a bad day like today here is what I normally do:

1. List!

Make a list of all the positive things going on in your life right now, wether it may be someone held the door open for you or you are going to see your favourite band, it doesn’t need to be complex!

2. Take a bath

Stop what ever you are doing and take a nice relaxing bath (maybe add in your favourite bath bomb) this normally helps me forget about things that have happened in the day. Why don’t you try it too?

3. Watch your favourite TV show / movie

Netflix has a large selection of Movies and TV shows. If you would like me to do a list of my favourite, comment down below! Watching something can take your mind off of anything as you disconnect from the ‘real world’♡

4. Go on a run

If you are fustrated or angry aswel as upset then go for a run. Not only this keeps you fit and healthy but it also helps you take your fustration out on something other than your friends.

5. Have a good ol’ cry

Okay, granted crying doesn’t help a situation but it can make you feel so much better about everything. And this step normally makes me think more clearer ♡

These are my 5 steps that I take to make myself feel better. Tell me what you do or if these steps helped you in any way,

See you later

Megan ♡

Nobody Is Left Behind

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Friendships are completely weird and when you share a friendship you aren’t normally the same people. You have flaws and different ideas but at the end of the day, you still love eachother.

Because of the differences you suffer with different things, mental health or not. When you are in a friendship group you can be persuaded by others oppinions.

Imagine if you where all climbing to a top of a mountain and one of you were stuggeling to get up the last little part of it whilst everyone was on top of it. We would all go back for our friends and help them so we could enjoy the achivements together.

But we didn’t.

There could be arguments or disagreements in wether to help them.

We didn’t help. We left her.

We enjoyed our acheivments whilst she was dangeling on the side of the mountain by herself; suffering all alone.

It didn’t hit me until these recent days of what we did was wrong. I went back to the mountain again. And I spoke to others if they felt the same way I did. Some agreed and some did not.Despite someones views and oppinions and I helped her up.

We shared the achivement together.

This is a metaphor to try and explain the situtaion I was in. In no way you should leave your friend who is suffering with a mental illness by themselves. It’s imature and wrong in many ways.

If you have left your friend, go back to speak and help them. They need you more than you think.

Every friendship has flaws but eventually we all need eachother to help us through difficult situatations.



What I Know About Frienships….


Today I decided to come to my blog to talk about a topic that is always in our minds; friendships.It doesn’t matter how many friends you have or how little you have because friendships have FLAWS no matter how much you avoid it,, it still happens.

At the end of last year I switched friendship group because I felt as if my old friends weren’t as much in tune with me anymore. Yes we had all been friends for ages but we just didn’t have anything in comman. We started arguing alot more than thats when I called it quits.

When I was finding new friends let me just tell you how many emotions were running around my body. I was scared because I was never just friends with an all girls friendship group but I was also excited because I needed just something new in my life.

Finally I got to where I am today and I can’t express how much happier I am with my new friends. Sure again there are flaws but no frienship group is perfect so don’t buy into the High School Musical crap! But what I realised is that you are bundled together with people who have many different intrests and hobbies than you and spending alot of time with their personalities and yours is like a bomb waiting to go off.

What I have learnt is that you can’t like everyone or what that person does but as long as you are comfortable in the friendship group you are in then that’s okay and your fine to feel thoes bad emotions.

If you aren’t happy in your current situation I urge you to make new friends. Sure you may feel like crap for leaving them but if you stay with them you will feel even worse. Friendships have alot to do with the way you live your life so surround yourself with positive and intresting people,

Till we meet again,

Meg xox

My Current WishList


We all have to admit we have a list in our heads of things we wish we could buy maybe because we can’t commit to spend that much money or simply because we don’t have to money at all!

Today I am going to be telling you as a 14 year old female what I would love to buy but OBVIOUSLY I’m broke. Let’s get started!

No.1 – Champion sweater – £70

Okay I know, I live an expensive life style! The champiom sweater is boarder line Hype Beast but it’s okay because it’s super cute. I don’t have a sweater and for some reason the cute ones are extremely expensive!

No.2 – Penny Board – (£90 – £100)

This is something I have been wanting for almost three years now. Something about penny boarding has caused me to fall down a hole on YouTube I keep dropping into once in a while. I don’t think it will ever stop until I get one…

No.3 – Mom Jeans (£25 – £30)

I have a valid reason for having these. My jeans currently don’t fit me (because I’m turing into the girl off of monsters Vs aliens) so it’s would be a good idea to get some soon. Plus they are super cute!

No.4 – Kanken Bag (£70 – £80)

I don’t have a reason except that everyone has them and they are so CUTE! I knoe the price range is quite expensive but it will last you a long time, right?

No.5 – Vans (£70)

My current shoes are falling apart, seriously. I also really love the ‘iconic’ vans because the look good with every outfit. Still expensive but I mean they look great.

Thank you for reading what I currently want to buy but can’t because I’m extremely broke. What are you guys dieing to buy? See you all later,

Until we meet again,




Hello! Welcome back to my mess of a blog (whoops)

If you have been following me for awhile you may of noticed MY LACK OF UPLOADS mostly because I didn’t have the time.

Now I’m back from what ever mess that was and ready to create some spicey content for you to enjoy!

Thank you so much for being patient with me and I will see you later,

Until we meet again



My Night Time Playlist

Hello Everyone!

I don’t know if I’m the only one but I am O B B S E S S E D with making and creating playlists! There is something satisfying about making playlists for your different moods and so I decided to show you one today. I think my favourite mood is the chill type when your in a car listening to music whether your listening through the main speaker or your earphones and looking out your car window with thoughts running wild in your head. So today I am going to explain everything about the playlist and the songs I have chosen.

The playlist is called ‘Let’s Drive‘ and you can find it on Spotify by typing it in at the search bar. If that doesn’t work type in ‘Glitzy8‘ (my account) and find my playlists, it should be located in that area.

The first allocated song I chose was ‘You – The 1975’

I knew straight away I wanted a song from The 1975 on this playlist because of how beautiful there songs are. Just a warning if you haven’t listened to this song before is that You plays then there is a massive silence to indicate a hidden track at the end. Skip to 23:56 to hear Milk and oh my goodness it may be 2 minutes but it is the best two minutes of your freakn’ life.

Next Song is ‘Drive – Halsey’

I think you would be completely stupid not to have this on the playlist because everything makes sense about the song. After watching the movie ‘Nerve’ and this song was played as the main two characters where driving I’ve always had a correlation with that and the song. It is such a simple written song that sounds so beautiful to hear. Also if you haven’t heard of Halsey before check her out her songs are amazing!

Then I picked ‘Chateau – Blackbear’

I thought after hearing quite sad meaningful songs you deserved to hear an upbeat fun one so I chose Chateau!I have recently been getting into Blackbear but it did take me a while because his music was something I have never really heard before. This song is like it has many personalities because there is so many different behind music behind the lyrics making every second completely different.

Song 4 is ‘IDFC – Blackbear’

I know I have included two songs by Blackbear right next to each other but we can look past that because they are on two different albums! I think that this song is much more meaningful than the last with an amazing intro that gets you hooked straight away. The lyrics in this song hit really hard and it seems like he was getting straight to the point of the song when it starts.

Next up is ‘Alone – Halsey’

I hope you forgive me for adding Halsey again but this is my favourite song from her new album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’. I think her new album is something so creative and all the songs are completely different to each other. I liked this one in particular because it gives me dramatic theater vibes because of the piano and and the backing voices. I think it is something we all needed in our lives resulting in it being in the playlist 🙂

Two Songs aye ‘Good Times’ + ‘Dark Side Of Your Room’ -‘All Time Low’

I put these two songs together because they are my favourites off All Time Low’s new album ‘Last Young Renegade’ so I thought it would be only fair to put them in the same section. I honestly love these songs because they just are just are such good bops to listen to. If you focus on the music rather than the lyrics both of the songs sound so perfect, well done to ALT for producing such great songs, have a pretzel boi.

Oh? Halsey again? ‘Bad At Love – Halsey”

Okay, okay I’m going through a Ashley Nicolette Frangipange phase please leave me in peace. But this song is super freakin’ amazing! I like how she can go from singing to semi-rapping and again I love a good beginning of a song and this, this is something else. I love this song too much and I need to stop listening to this song on repeat. Please help.

Finally, “Someone So Damn Amazing – Johnnie Guilbert”

So you properly haven’t heard of this person before but he was in a YouTube channel called ‘My Digital Escape’ which since has broken up but still I watch Johnnie’s videos. Not only is he a YouTuber but he is an amazing singer who writes his own music! I love all of his music which you can find on Spotify of his YouTube channel. I added this song because I wanted to include a song so it’s not just leaving you feeling depressed but though the lyrics may seem depressing the music isn’t. You should check out his other music!

Well, that is it! If you have any song suggestions remember to comment them down below and if you want me to post an updated one at any point in the future I will totally do that!

Thank you so much for reading,

Till we meet again,

Meg xox





Every Day Makeup Routine


Hello everyone!

It is I (again) with another post! If you would like to know about my blog check out my last post as it explains everything there. Today I am going to talk you through my makeup tutorial and tell you about the products I use on a daily basis. This normally takes me around about 30 minutes so have plenty time spare. Let us begin!

Pre-step: I normally like to start by going into the shower before I apply the makeup and wash off any makeup of the day previously I had missed so we are starting with a clean canvas.

Next I take my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and I do 3 lines under my eye not going too far down. This product retails for around about £5.00 in Superdrug which you can’t really go wrong with. I use the lightest shade (shade 1) and I like to do one of my eyes at a time because if you conceal both of the eyes at the same time without blending it ends up hard to blend creating weird patches of concealed and unconcealed areas. I like to blend with my fingers as it helps get into the impossible places. Once I have done that I like to apply to my blemishes (e.g spots) my chin, my eyes and my cupids bow, then finally blend with your fingers!

Then I start on my eyes. I take my Superdrug Studio Blending Eyeshadow Brush and the pallet Makeup Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette. The key colours for the crease are:

  • Iced Coffee
  • Cuppa Tea
  • Tiramisu
  • peaches
  • Danger

Then for my center of my eyelids I use the shade Grow Old which is a lovely shimmery gold colour that looks completely amazing in the light! I actually had to wait a few weeks for this pallet as my friend was going in SuperDrug every day to see if she could get one for herself and I but they all were sold out so quickly. The pallet retails for £10.00 but I do think it is worth the money as I am a big supporter of the YouTuber “SophDoesNails” who helped make the pallet. I eventually take the brush and put it under my eye dragging it along my lower lash line. Everyone of the shades have a lot of pigment and it seems quite high quality for a Superdrug pallet.

To make your eyebrows visible take your brow brush and go to the same pallet and use the shade Pug. I actually have forgot where I got my eyebrow brush, it kind of just appeared one day and so I started using it. Once I have filled in my brows I go back and take the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and put a line of concealer where your eyebrow starts. Take your finger and blend the concealer around your eye brow. If your like me and have some access product just take a beauty blender and I normally bend it around my T zone as that is where most of my spots are and need more coverage.

I now add my finishes touches! This is when I add my L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara Brown.I was meant to pick up a black one but when I picked it up I didn’t really know much about makeup so I now have brown eyelashes when I wear the product! The product is £10.00 which I do find quite expensive but it totally does do what it says on the bottle. I then take my £3.00 highlighter Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder Face Highlighter Shimmer  which I bought from a shop in my local town also you can buy this on ebay for around about £2.95. I use my fingers again (what a change) and I put some on my tip of my nose, along the bridge of my nose, my cheek bones, my cupids bow and the inner corner of my eyes. This product is a total yes from me if you need something cheap to do the job but it is the type of product that you have to pack it on to get the result you want. Finally lip stick! I do have two options for you, Kinda Sexy matte Lip Stick MAC or L’Oreal Infallible Nudist Lip Paint Babe-in 211. Obviously these two are a big difference in price (Kinda sexy – £16.50 / babe-in – £6.99) but I love these two colours the most.

Kinda Sexy- does not wipe off as soon as you take a drink but kind of suffocating for your lips and also quite expensive.

Babe in- Cheap and tastes quite nice. The application is really fun but it does wipe off when you are drinking.

If you do have the money I would totally splurge onto Kinda Sexy because it is my favourite out of the two. I do wear Babe-in for school as it is an easy alternative and I don’t want to run out of Kinda Sexy any time soon because of the price.

Well that’s it! That is my “Every Day Makeup Routine” and I hope if you ever try this out you totally tag me in a photo of it on Twitter. If you can see I have added my twitter to the side of the post so you can see my recent tweets and it is easy access if you would like to tweet me or follow me! Thank you so much for reading and maybe follow me 🙂

till we meet again,

Meg xox